Sep 11 – 14, 2023
Rettorato Universita' del Salento, Lecce (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone

Topics and Lecturers


"Axion theory and production in the early universe".  Lecturer: Kiwoon Choi (IBS, Daejon). Trainer: Nicole Righi (King's College, London)

"Axion cosmology and cosmo bounds". Lecturer: Ciaran O'Hare (Sidney Univ.). Trainer: Mathieu Kaltschmidt (Zaragoza Univ.)

"WISPs from stars". Lecturer: Georg Raffelt (MPI, Munich). Trainer: Andrea Caputo (CERN)

"Axion experiments". Lecturer: Giuseppe Ruoso (INFN, Padua). Trainer: Antonios Gardikiotis (Patras Univ.) 

"Topics in science communication". Lecturer: Giuliana Galati (Bari Univ.).