May 25 – 27, 2011
Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
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The data acquisition and transport design for NEMO phase 2

May 26, 2011, 6:05 PM
Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy

Rettorato, University Roma TRE, Roma, Italy

Viale Ostiense 159 00148, Roma Italy Room: Aula Magna


Dr Francesco Simeone (ROMA1)


The NEMO collaboration has planned to deploy a prototype tower composed by 8 floor by the end of the year. The aim of this contribution is to give an overview of the NEMO electronic system: the underwater electronics sample signals from photomultipliers and acquire slow-control data both from oceanographic instruments and dedicated sensors, allowing to monitor the operational conditions of the apparatus. The whole data are sent to the laboratory through a fully bi-directional fiber optic link. On-shore the data are received by dedicated boards that distribute them to first-level trigger and to the slow-control system. The architecture described here provides a real-time data transport layer, synchronous and phased with the GPS clock, between the onshore laboratory and the underwater detector. A description of the different stages of data acquisition and transport will be given.

Primary author


Dr Fabrizio Ameli (INFN Roma1)

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