28 February 2011 to 3 March 2011
Palazzo Greppi, University of Milano, Milano, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
You are welcome to register to the meeting

Scientific Programme

The meeting will have the following technical topics for discussion and presentation along with open discussions on SRF topics and SRF research presentations.

Please feel free to bring data and results from your resent efforts and discuss them. Just contact one of the program committee members Peter Kneisel or myself.

The following are some of the topics to discuss:

  • Performance Status of Cavities - Surface defects, field emission, their countermeasures and related topics
  • Performance Status of Cavity / Cryomodules Systems - Recent operational data from DESY, FNAL and KEK on cavity /coupler /cryomodule and RF operation
  • High gradient explosive field emitter events with no precursor discussion
  • Data to Expect from Near-Future Large-Scale Cavity / Cryomodules Systems - Expectation for large scale cavity /coupler /cryomodule production, What data should we be capturing for cryomodule commissioning and operation?
  • Low beta cavity performance and limitations, what beta = 1 knowledge can be applied to low beta
  • Issues with large-scale production of Cavity / Cryomodule - Challenges and plans for XFEL, and ongoing efforts elsewhere
  • Near future plans on large scale production of SRF systems
  • Power coupler - Cleaning of power couplers vs performance, designs for high beam power
  • Pressure vessel certifications how are various Labs addressing these requirements
  • Top loaded cryostat design features in comparison to end loaded cryostat designs
  • WG 1: Operational Performances of Cavities and Criomodules

  • WG 2: Design and Fabrication of Cavities and Cryomodules

  • WG 3: Open discussion and talks on SRF topics