28 February 2011 to 3 March 2011
Palazzo Greppi, University of Milano, Milano, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
You are welcome to register to the meeting

Organizing Committee

TTC Program Committee
Sebastian Aderhold (DESY)
Chris Compton (MSU)
Aboud Fallou (LAL)
Camille Ginsburg (FNAL)
Hitoshi Hayano (KEK)
Kay Jensch (DESY)
Eiji Kako (KEK)
Peter Kneisel (JLAB)
Denis Kostin (DESY)
Yoshishige Yamazaki (JPARC)
John Mammosser (Jlab) (Chair)
Axel Matheisen (DESY)
Paolo Michelato (INFN)
Wolf-Dietrich Moeller (DESY)
Olivier Napoly (CEA)
Tom Peterson (FNAL)
Paolo Pierini (INFN)
Waldemar Singer (DESY)
Nobu Toge (KEK)
Hans Weise (DESY)

Local Organizing Committee
Carlo Pagani (INFN)
Laura Monaco (INFN)
Rocco Paparella (INFN)
Paolo Pierini (INFN)
Daniele Sertore (INFN)

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