The pioneering approach of the International Seminar of Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics "Francesco Romano" has traditionally been of combining scientific and applicative topics, with the goal of training a new model of researcher, able to communicate efficiently with the general public, the industry, the financial and political institutions, and to get an economical gain from the outcome of the research through the transfer of knowledge and technology towards the production system.

The School is proposed for Ph.D. students and young researchers.

Concerning COVID-19: The School organizers are monitoring the situation of the pandemics to ensure safety of all participants. All relevant directives in force at the time of the School will be applied - detailed instructions will be provided to all participants in due time. See the dedicated section for all updates.

The school will include the following topics:

Physics at Future lepton collider - lecturer: Patrizia Azzi, INFN Padova

Physics at EIC - lecturer: Salvatore Fazio, INFN Cosenza

Calorimetry at future experiments - lecturer: Gabriella Gaudio, INFN Pavia

Quantum technologies in fundamental physics - lecturer: Michael Doser, CERN

New technologies in hadroterapy (accelerators and detectors) - lecturer: Marco Durante, GSI

Hunting rare events with machine learning and quantum ML algorithms - lecturer: Maurizio Pierini, CERN

Multi-messenger astronomy - lecturer: Magnus Axelsson, Stockholm University 

High-energy astrophysics - lecturer: Gabrijela Zaharijaš, University of Nova Gorica 

Dark matter direct detection - lecturer: Aldo Ianni, INFN LNGS

Training for outreach events - lecturers: Giorgio Chiarelli, INFN Pisa / Pasquale Di Nezza, INFN LNF / Francesca Scianitti, INFN - Ufficio Comunicazione


The school is organized by the Department of Physics "M. Merlin" of University and Polythechnic  University of Bari, by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) and the Department of Mathematics and Physics "E. Giorgi" of University of Salento, Lecce.



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