Jul 6 – 13, 2022
Bologna, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Neutrino oscillation parameter determination at INO-ICAL using track and hit information from GEANT

Jul 8, 2022, 7:05 PM
1h 25m
Bologna, Italy

Bologna, Italy

Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi
Poster Neutrino Physics Poster Session


Jaydeep Datta (Homi Bhabha National Institute)


We study the capability of INO-ICAL to determine the atmospheric neutrino oscillation parameters. We do not use any generator level information but instead use only the output of GEANT4 simulation of the atmospheric neutrino events in the detector. In a similar previous study, by other authors, only the momentum and direction of the longest track were used. In this study, we consider a third variable based on additional hits, which arise due to hadrons in the event. We show that the inclusion of the third variable leads to a 30% reduction in the uncertainties of |∆$_{31}$| for a five-year run of ICAL. We find that doubling the exposure time leads to a 30% reduction in the uncertainties of both |∆$_{31}$| and 𝑠𝑖𝑛$^2$𝜃$_{23}$.

In-person participation Yes

Primary authors

Mr Bana Singh (IISER, Mohali) Prof. Sankagiri Uma Sankar (IIT, Bombay)

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