Jul 6 – 13, 2022
Bologna, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Measurements of charm lifetimes at Belle II

Jul 7, 2022, 11:49 AM
Room 9 (Indaco)

Room 9 (Indaco)

Parallel Talk Quark and Lepton Flavour Physics Quark and Lepton Flavour Physics


Nisar Nellikunnummel (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


Outstanding vertexing performance and low-background environment are key enablers of a systematic Belle II program targeted at measurements of charm hadron lifetimes Recent results from measurements of $D^0$ meson, $D^+$ meson and $\Lambda_c$ baryon lifetimes are presented. The results are the most precise to date.

In-person participation No

Primary author

Jim Libby (IIT Madras)

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