Jul 6 – 13, 2022
Bologna, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Probing Flavor at High-$p_T$ in LHC

Jul 9, 2022, 5:51 PM
Room 9 (Indaco)

Room 9 (Indaco)

Parallel Talk Quark and Lepton Flavour Physics Quark and Lepton Flavour Physics


Florentin Jaffredo (IJCLab)


The Drell-Yan processes $pp\to\ell\nu$ and $pp\to\ell\ell$ at high transverse momentum can provide important probes of semileptonic transitions relevant to flavor physics and complementary to the commonly used low energy observables. We parametrize generic New Physics (NP) contributions to these processes and derive the corresponding bounds by recasting the latest ATLAS and CMS (run 2) searches for mono- and di-lepton resonances. We focus in particular on the validity of the Effective Field Theory (EFT) approach in this regime by comparing the limits obtained for specific tree-level mediators and their EFT equivalents. Analyses presented in this talk are performed using {\tt HighPT}, a new {\tt Mathematica} package for automatic extraction of high-$p_T$ bounds.

In-person participation No

Primary authors

Mr Darius Faroughy (Physik-Institut, Universitat Zurich) Florentin Jaffredo (IJCLab) Felix Wilsch (University of Zurich) Lukas Allwicher (University of Zurich) Olcyr Sumensari (IJCLab (Orsay))

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