Jul 6 – 13, 2022
Bologna, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Hadron physics results at KLOE-2

Jul 8, 2022, 12:05 PM
Room 1 (Europa Auditorium)

Room 1 (Europa Auditorium)

Parallel Talk Strong interactions and Hadron Physics Strong interactions and Hadron Physics


Paolo Gauzzi (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)


KLOE and KLOE-2 data (almost 8 fb$^{-1}$) constitute a unique sample, rich in physics, and the largest dataset ever collected at an electron-positron collider operating at the $\phi$ peak resonance.
In total it corresponds to the production of about 24 billion $\phi$ mesons, whose decays include about 8 billion pairs of neutral K mesons and about 300 million $\eta$ mesons.
A wide hadron physic program, investigating rare meson decays, $\gamma\gamma$ interaction, and dark forces, is thus carried out by the KLOE-2 Collaboration.

The $\eta \to \pi^0 \gamma \gamma$ decay is a test bench for various models and effective theories like VMD (Vector Meson Dominance) or ChPT (Chiral Perturbation Theory) which predict BR far from the experimental value. KLOE-2, with its highly pure $\eta$ sample produced
in $\phi \to \eta \gamma$ process, can give a more refined measurement of this branching ratio.

KLOE-2 continues also its tradition on dark searches testing an opposite model to the U boson or "dark photon", where the dark force mediator is a hypothetical leptophobic B boson that could show up in the $\phi \to \eta B\to \eta \pi^0\gamma\,, \eta \to \gamma \gamma$ channel. The upper limit on the $\alpha_{\rm B}$ coupling constant will be shown.

A KLOE-2 distinctive feature is also the the possibility to investigate $\pi^0$ production from $\gamma \gamma$ scattering by
tagging final-state leptons from $e^+e^- \to \gamma^{(\ast)}\gamma^{(\ast)}e^+e^-\to \pi^0 e^+e^-$ in coincidence with the $\pi^0$ in the barrel calorimeter. The preliminary measurement of the $\gamma^{\ast}\gamma\to \pi^0$ cross section performed with single-tagged events will be reported.

Moreover, the search for the double suppressed $\phi\rightarrow \eta\, \pi^+ \pi^- $ and the conversion
$\phi\rightarrow \eta\, \mu^+ \mu^- $ decays are being performed at KLOE-2 with both $\eta \to \gamma \gamma$ and $\eta \to 3\pi^0$. Clear signals are seen for the first time.

Finally, preliminary and promising results on the $\omega$ cross-section measurement in the $e^+ e^- \to \pi^+ \pi^- \pi^0 \gamma_{\rm ISR}$ channel using the Initial State Radiation (ISR) method will be also presented.

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Giuseppe Mandaglio (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)

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