The Role of Magnetic Geometry on Hydrodynamic Response in Flaring Loops

Jul 8, 2021, 6:35 PM


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Working Group 1: Flare thermal response Working Group 1: Flare thermal response


Dr Jeffrey Reep (US Naval Research Laboratory)


In simulations of flaring loops, it is almost universally assumed that the loop is semi-circular with constant cross-section. Observations with many imagers, however, clearly indicate that loops are often elliptical. Furthermore, the decreasing magnetic field strength from photosphere to corona requires that loops expand in cross-section. In this work, we conduct a series of simulations examining the plasma response to beam heating under the effects of elliptical geometry and area expansion. We find that, for strong heating events, the eccentricity of a loop is relatively unimportant, while area expansion, including the magnitude of increase, the rate of increase, and the location of increase, can drastically impact the resultant densities, temperatures, and cooling times of the loop.


Primary authors

Dr Jeffrey Reep (US Naval Research Laboratory) Dr Ignacio Ugarte-Urra (US Naval Research Laboratory) Dr Harry Warren (US Naval Research Laboratory) Dr Will Barnes (NRC Postdoc at US Naval Research Laboratory)

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