Working Group 1: Flare thermal response

Jul 8, 2021, 4:55 PM


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Working Group 1: Flare thermal response

  • Jeffrey Reep
  • Laura Hayes (DIAS/TCD)


Understanding the deposition and transport of energy across the solar atmosphere is a critical problem in solar physics. In flares, the time scale for energy release is short, so that the plasma evolves rapidly, necessitating high cadence observations and modeling to understand the dynamics. Furthermore, the energy transport occurs across the entirety of the atmosphere – from the corona through the deep chromosphere and perhaps to the photosphere. The observational coverage of X-rays, EUV, and radio waves have all shed light on the non-thermal and thermodynamic processes occurring in flares, as well as allowing for model tests and validation. In this session, we will address the thermal response of solar flares to the impulsive energy release that drives them. We invite contributions that discuss the modeling, observations, and the inter-comparison between the two that can improve our understanding of flares. We encourage discussions of potential capabilities of Solar Orbiter or DKIST, additionally.

NOTE: Each contribution will be discussed within the WG but there will NOT be any specific talks and the duration assigned in the Timetable is NOT the true time allocated to the topic presented in the abstract.

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