13-18 September 2010
Lecce, Università del Salento
Europe/Rome timezone
The 4th UniverseNet Annual School - Lecce, 13-18 September 2010

Scientific Programme

The following lectures will be given during the morning sessions

  • Testing dark energy and alternatives
Luca Amendola (Rome)
  •  The Standard Model and beyond
Riccardo Barbieri (Pisa)
Suggested readings:
Ten lectures on the ElectroWeak Interactions (R. Barbieri)
  • Dark matter: indirect detection
Marco Cirelli (Saclay)
Suggested readings:
Particle Dark Matter: Evidence, Candidates and Constraints (G. Bertone, D. Hooper, J. Silk)
Slides from previous UniverseNet lectures (M. Cirelli)
  • Inflation and fundamental physics
Cliff Burgess (Waterloo)
Suggested readings:
Lectures on Cosmic Inflation and its Potential Stringy Realizations (C.P. Burgess, main notes)
Fibre Inflation: Observable Gravity Waves from IIB String Compactifications (M. Cicoli, C.P. Burgess, F. Quevedo)
Axionic D3-D7 Inflation (C.P. Burgess, J.M. Cline, M. Postma)

Other useful readings:
Non-Gaussianity as a Probe of the Physics of the Primordial Universe and the Astrophysics of the Low Redshift Universe (E. Komatsu et al.)
String Cosmology: A Review (L. McAllister, E. Silverstein)
TASI Lectures on Inflation (D. Baumann)
  • Dark matter: direct detection
Nicolao Fornengo (Torino)
Suggested readings:
From "Particle Dark Matter: Observations, Models and Searches", Cambridge University Press:
Chapter 2: Simulations of cold dark matter haloes (Moore, Diemand)
Chapter 17: Direct detection of WIMPs (Cerdeno, Green)
Chapter 19: Particle dark matter and the DAMA/NaI and DAMA/ LIBRA annual modulation effect (Fornengo)
and Chapters 18, 20, 21, 22 for experimental results and techniques.
  • Standard cosmology and the CMB
Andrew Jaffe (London)
Suggested readings:
Lecture notes (A. Jaffe, advanced undergraduate)
"An Introduction to Modern Cosmology, 2nd Edition", A. Liddle (book, undergraduate)
"Modern Cosmology", S. Dodelson (book, graduate)
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
  • Big Bang nucleosynthesis and new physics
Kazunori Kohri (Tohoku)
  • Neutrino physics and cosmology
Eligio Lisi (Bari)
Suggested readings:
Analysis of neutrino mass, mixing and flavor change (E. Lisi)
Neutrino Masses and Mixings: Status and Prospects (L. Camilleri, E. Lisi, J.F. Wilkerson)
Massive neutrinos and cosmology (J. Lesgourgues, S. Pastor)
  • The origin of space-time 
Soo-Jong Rey (Seoul)
  • Statistical methods for cosmology 
Julien Lesgourgues (Lausanne & CERN)
Suggested readings:
Statistical techniques in cosmology (A. Heavens)
Bayesian inference and model selection in cosmology (R. Trotta)
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