Nov 14 – 19, 2021
IFPU - Trieste
Europe/Rome timezone
Exploring solar modulation and dark matter at the new Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe.

Scientific Program

This workshop wants to bring together theorists and experimentalists with expertise in the field of solar modulation of cosmic rays (CRs) and in indirect searches of dark matter (DM) with a specific focus on the low energy CR antiparticles (< few GeV). The main purpose of the workshop is to investigate the systematic uncertainties due to CR propagation in the Heliosphere comparing different models and their impact on CR antinuclei resulting both from DM annihilation/decay and secondary production.
The final aim of the workshop is to reach a consensus on the best procedure to estimate the uncertainties on the antinuclei DM signal and secondary background. Consequently, the discovery potential as a function of the model uncertainties for current and future experiments will be discussed.
This theme fits in a very active and exciting field of research also considering the new data from the AMS02 apparatus and the future GAPS experiment.