Nov 14 – 19, 2021
IFPU - Trieste
Europe/Rome timezone
Exploring solar modulation and dark matter at the new Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe.

Logistic informations

Workshop venue

The workshop will be hosted at the Institute for the Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe (IFPU) in Trieste.


All the participants will be hosted in the ICTP Adriatico Guesthouse.

Two types of rooms are available, with a french bed or two single beds. No additional cost for the second guest (probably only for the breakfast). A child's crib can be added on-demand, at no charge (maximum one). 

From the guesthouse to the conference room at IFPU it's around 900 meters, a map can be found in the material section. 


During the week working day, lunch will be offered at IFPU for all participants. All weekday inside the Adriatico guesthouse there is a cafeteria for lunch/dinner. Near the guesthouse, in Grignano there are two fish restaurants, Tavernetta al Molo and Principe di Metternich. The recommended one is Tavernetta al Molo, reservation is needed.

In Trieste there are several recommended restaurants, for all the restaurants reservation is needed:

$ Siora Rosa, typical Trieste buffet:

$$ Lo scarpon, typical fish restaurant:

$$$ Nero di Seppia, fish restaurant:

$$$ Antica trattoria Suban, meat and typical plates:

$$$$ Al bagatto, fish restaurant:

$$$$$ Harry's Piccolo ($$$$ and Bistrot), Michelin star restaurant:

Travel to Trieste

Trieste has an airport at Ronchi dei Legionari, served by Lufthansa, Alitalia and low cost companies like Ryanair. From the airport to the city center there are trains (the most convenient) and buses (linea 51).

From Venice, by train, Trieste is around 2 hours while from Milano the high-speed train takes around 4 hours.

From the Trieste main train station, a city bus (line 06) reaches Grignano where the Adriatico Guesthouse is situated. One bus every 15 minutes.

Room occupancy

During the workshop to each participant is assigned a room at IFPU.

Michael Korsmaier 301-t
Chuck Hailey 209-s
Dalla Torre Stefano 213-s
Nadir Marcelli 206-q
Luca Orusa 206-q
Bernd Heber 210-s
Faldi Francesco 206-q
Benedikt Schroer 206-q
Fiorenza Donato 302-s
Sergey Koldobskiy 207-q
Nicola Tommasetti 301-t
Valeria Di Felice 301-t
Carmelo Evoli 207-q
Riccardo Munini 211-s
Mirko Boezio 207-q
Alex Lenni 207-q