Aim of the meeting:
This informal meeting is intended for extensive discussions on hot topics in particle physics phenomenology, as the long standing issue of the flavour anomalies in B decays, and of the nature of dark matter which might be possibly related to a hidden sector containing light states. 
Monday 24/06 11:00am        Divya Sachdeva (Delhi Univ.) 
"Model independent analysis of MeV scale dark matter"
Monday 24/06 2:30pm         Marco Fedele  (Barcellona Univ.) 
"New Physics in 𝑏→𝑠ℓ+ℓ−  confronts new data on Lepton Universality"
Tuesday 25/06 11:00am:      Luc Darme' (Nat. Centre Nuclear Res., Warsaw)
"Searching for long-lived particles from light dark sectors

Tuesday 25/06 14:30am:     Giovanni Marco Pruna  (Rome3 U.)
"Effective field theories for lepton dipole moments: updates and applications


INFN-LNF, Aula Salvini

Participants:   Gennaro Corcella, Luc Darme', Marco Fedele, Enrico Nardi, Divya Sachdeva, Giovanni Marco Pruna, Federica Giacchino
Secretariat: Maddalena Legramante
                    tel. 0039 06 94032791, fax 0039 06 94032900 

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