16-18 May 2019
Rocca di Sant'Apollinare
Europe/Rome timezone

The first direct detection of a Gravitational Wave event (GW) by the recently upgraded LIGO and VIRGO opened a new era in astronomy. 
During the first and second observing run, several events compatible with the signal expected from the merger of two stellar mass black holes were discovered. Short gamma-ray bursts (sGRBs) are thought to be associated with such systems, which strongly motivate the search for electromagnetic (EM) counterparts to GW events. Confirmation of the connection between sGRBs and compact binary coalescence was provided on 2017 August 17 when LVC triggered on a compact binary merger candidate  coincident in time with a GRB (GRB 170817A) detected by the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM). The joint GW-EM detection has provided the first compelling observational evidence of the relationship of sGRBs to neutron star binary coalescence events and has ushered in an exciting era of multi-messenger astronomy. Fermi-GBM is currently the most prolific detector of sGRBs and the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT), even though it has a lower detection rate for sGRB, can provide sub degree localizations, making a rapid follow-up by other space- and ground-based instruments possible. The quest for an EM counterpart will likely involve the broad EM spectrum, from radio, to optical, X-rays and gamma-rays, engaging different facilities from different institutions.
In addition to this, the connection between Neutrino and gamma ray astronomy is also emerging, as the possible association between the detection of high-energy neutrino by the Ice Cube detector with a gamma-ray flaring Blazar has been recently reported.

During this workshop, scientist with different background, from data analysis to pure theory, will work together in preparation for the next LIGO/Virgo observing cycle, discussing new results and proposing new ideas for improving the multi-messenger/multi-wavelength connection.  

This workshop is funded by a grant from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation


Rocca di Sant'Apollinare
c.o. Atelier Alfonso Fratteggiani Bianchi. Località Spina, Marsciano, Perugia
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