25-26 March 2019
Europe/Rome timezone



  • Light Exotic Nuclei and astrophysics

    Conveners: B. Fernandez (Santiago), C. Wheldon (Birmingham), D. Mengoni (Padova)

  • Nuclear Resonances

    Conveners: A. Maj (Krakow), A. Zilges (Koln), F. Crespi (Milano)

  • Nuclear Shapes

    Conveners: M. Zielinska (Saclay), B. Fornal (Krakow), A. Nannini (Firenze)

  • Nuclear Shell Structure

    Conveners: D. Verney (Orsay), P. Reiter (Koln), A. Gottardo (LNL)

  • High-spin Physics

    Conveners: A. Korichi (Orsay), V. Werner (Darmstadt), G. Benzoni (Milano)

  • N=Z nuclei

    Conveners: A.Gadea (Valencia), J. Nyberg (Uppsala), F. Recchia (Padova)

  • Nuclear Reactions

    Conveners: M. Caamaño (Santiago), S. Szilner (Zagreb), A. Goasduff (Padova)

  • Other topics

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