Workshop AGATA@LNL for stable beams

Villi meeting room (INFN-LNL)

Villi meeting room


Viale dell'Università 2, Legnaro (Padova), Italy
This workshop will take place at LNL from the 25th to the 26th of March 2019, with the aim to discuss within the gamma spectroscopy community the physics opportunities offered by the use of the AGATA position sensitive ge detector array with stable beams at LNL. The LNL accelerator complex offers to users heavy ion beams provided by the 15 MV Tandem and by the ALPI superconductive LINAC, the latter used either coupled to the Tandem or to the heavy ion injector PIAVE. The stable beams range from protons to lead with energies up to 10-15 MeV/nucleon. During the workshop plenty of space will be given to the presentation of physics ideas, Letters of Intent and complementary equipment necessary to ensure a competitive scientific program with AGATA and stable beams at LNL.
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  • Alain Goasduff
  • Alberto Stefanini
  • Amel Korichi
  • Ana Montaner Piza
  • Andrea Gottardo
  • Andres Illana Sison
  • Andrew Boston
  • Benedicte Million
  • Bogdan Fornal
  • Carl Wheldon
  • Christophe THEISEN
  • Claes Fahlander
  • Costel Petrache
  • Daniel R Napoli
  • Daniele Brugnara
  • Daniele Mengoni
  • Diego Bettoni
  • Dmitry Testov
  • Fabiana Gramegna
  • Fabio Crespi
  • Francesco Recchia
  • Franco Galtarossa
  • Francois Didierjean
  • frank abas
  • Gilles de FRANCE
  • Giorgia Pasqualato
  • Giovanna Benzoni
  • Giovanna Montagnoli
  • Irene Zanon
  • Johan Nyberg
  • john simpson
  • Jose' Javier Valiente Dobon
  • Levent Kaya
  • Lorenzo Corradi
  • Lorenzo Fortunato
  • Lukasz Iskra
  • M. Nizamettin Erduran
  • Magda Zielinska
  • Magdalena Gorska
  • Marco Rocchini
  • Marco Siciliano
  • Martha Liliana Cortes Sua
  • Mateusz Krzysiek
  • Miroslaw Zieblinski
  • Muhammad matin zafar
  • Paul Nolan
  • Silvia Monica Lenzi
  • Simone Bottoni
  • Tuncay Bayram
  • Wolfram KORTEN
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