VIII International Course "Detectors and Electronics for High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, Space and Medical Applications

Aula Villi (INFN National Laboratories of Legnaro)

Aula Villi

INFN National Laboratories of Legnaro

Viale dell’Università, 2 Legnaro (Padova)
Dario Bisello (PD), Gabriele Simi (PD), Nicola Bacchetta (PD)

The Course, organized by the INFN Section of Padua, by the Department of Physics and Astronomy and by the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua, is supported by the INFN National Laboratories of Legnaro.

It is of interest for PhD students and postgraduates, young scientists, technical personnel and young technologists, operating in the fields of High Energy Physics, Astrophysics,, Space Science and Technologies, Medical Physics in Universities, Research Institutes and Industries who have interest to deepening the following thematics:
1) semiconductor detectors, electronic devices and systems and their application for High Energy Physics, Astrophysics, Space Science and Technologies and Medical Physics;
2) radiation effects in semiconductor detectors, optical and electronic devices and components;
3) Italian and European irradiation facilities for interdisciplinary applications.

Admission is free. Places available 90

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    • 1
      Welcome address
    • Afternoon Session, Chairman: Gabriele Simi
    • April 4 morning session, Chairman Marta Bagatin
    • April 3 afternoon session, Chairman Riccardo Rando
      • 6
        Silicon Sensors for tracking particles in space and time
        Speaker: Nicolo' Cartiglia (TO)
      • 3:40 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 7
        Pixel front-end electronics for high time resolution
        Speaker: Adriano Lai (CA)
      • 8
        Two-tier Geiger-mode avalanche pixel sensors for charged particle detection
        Speaker: Lucio Pancheri (University of Trento)
    • April 3 morning session, Chairman Andrea Candelori
      • 9
        Front-end electronics for silicon trackers
        Speaker: Valerio Re (PV)
      • 10:40 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 10
        Effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation on electronic devices and circuits
        Speaker: Lodovico Ratti (PV)
      • 12:50 PM
    • April 3 afternoon session, Chairman Riccardo Rando
      • 11
        If Moore’s Law is over, is this the end of microelectronics?
        Speaker: Alessandro Marchioro (CERN)
      • 3:40 PM
        Coffee Break
    • April 4 morning session, Chairman Marta Bagatin
      • 13
        Radiation effects and hardness assurance for Space electronics
        Speaker: Christian Poivey (ESA Estec)
      • 14
        Effects of space radiation on COTS memories: the MTCUBE project
        Speaker: Luigi Dilillo (LIRMM)
      • 10:40 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 15
        Single event neutron effects in electronics and designing appropriate tests for future fusion research reactors
        Speaker: Jean-Luc Leray (ANAXAJL)
      • 16
        FPGA in HEP experiments: challenges and radiation effects
        Speaker: Tullio Grassi (University Maryland (USA))
      • 12:50 PM
    • April 4 afternoon session, Chairman Simone Gerardin
      • 17
        Radiation effects in non-volatile memories: from planar to 3D
        Speaker: Marta Bagatin (PD)
      • 18
        Radiation Effects in CMOS Image Sensors
        Speaker: Vincent Goiffon (ISAE-SUPAERO (FR))
      • 3:40 PM
        Coffee Break
      • 19
        Single Event Effects in wide band-gap semiconductor power devices
        Speaker: Francesco Velardi (Università Cassino)
      • 20
        Accredited radiation hardness assurance testing
        Speaker: Christoph Tscherne (Seibersdorf Labor GmbH)
    • April 5 morning session, Chairman PF. Mastinu e G. Prete
      • 21
        The ChipIR beamline, an atmospheric-like neutron facility for the irradiationof microelectronics
        Speaker: Carlo Cazzaniga (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK))
      • 22
        The LNL fast neutron irradiation facility NEPIR
        Speaker: Luca Silvestrin (PD)
      • 10:40 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 23
        Research and development for Hadrontherapy in Italy
        Speaker: Emanuele Scifoni (TIFP)
      • 24
        The LARAMED project at LNL: a new radionuclides production facility
        Speaker: Micòl Pasquali (LNL)
      • 25
        FINAL EXAM: only for PhD students who required a formal recognition for credits