25 February 2019 to 8 March 2019
Europe/Rome timezone


The school is primarily addressed to Ph.D. students in Theoretical Nuclear and Hadron Physics. Participation of experimentalists and post-docs is also encouraged. The 2019 edition will be devoted to Hadron Physics, and it will provide a pedagogical introduction to the basic concepts and tools needed for carrying out cutting-edge research in Continuum QCD (non-perturbative QCD), Hadron Spetroscopy, Exotic Spetroscopy (Tetraquarks,Pentaquarks,Hybrids), Light-Cone Dynamics and Holography, Amplitude-Analysis Tools and Electron-Ion Collider physics.

The aim will be both to stress the intimate connections among those fields and to give much attention to the interpretation of experimental data, within framework based on ab initio or more phenomenological approaches. Four one-hour lectures will be scheduled each morning, for a total amount of about forty hours, over two weeks. Presentations will be given on the blackboard, with the support of slides. The afternoon will be devoted to exercises, study, and discussions with lecturers and senior participants.  A desk and standard research facilities will be provided to all participants. The school can admit up to forty participants and no admission fee is requested.

Financial support for accommodation expenses may be provided, upon request, for a number of selected participants, following first-come,  first-served criterion.

Click here for more details concerning admission, accommodation, and practical information :)



Stanley J. Brodsky (SLAC Natl. Accelerator Lab.)
Abhay Deshpande (Stony Brook Univ. & Brookhaven Natl. Lab.)
Craig D. Roberts (Argonne Natl. Lab.)

Adam P. Szczepaniak (Indiana Univ. & JPAC@JLAB)
Bing-Song Zou (Inst. Theo. Phys. Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Francesco Becattini   (University and INFN, Firenze)
Ignazio Bombaci  (University and INFN, Pisa)
Angela Bonaccorso (INFN, Pisa)
Maria Colonna (INFN,LNS)
Marzia Nardi  (INFN, Torino)
Giovanni Salmè (INFN, Roma)
Elena Santopinto (INFN, Genova)
Enrico Vigezzi (INFN, Milano)


Jacopo Ferretti (Yale Univ.)
Cedric Mezrag   (INFN -⁠ Sezione di Roma)
Matteo Rinaldi  (Valencia Univ.



If you find problems with the  registration please email to elena.santopinto@ge.infn.it or giovannisalme@roma1.infn.it.

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