Jun 26 – 27, 2018
Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra - Università degli Studi di Ferrara
Europe/Rome timezone
The workshop is devoted to Astroparticle and Fundamental Physics and is part of a series of events organized within the ASI-financed COSMOS network for Cosmic Microwave Background research.

Topics to be discussed include CMB anomalies, neutrino cosmology, parity violations, primordial nucleosynthesis, dark energy and reionization. There will be invited talks by both COSMOS and external colleagues to review the state of the art and theoretical and observational perspectives, also in view of forthcoming experimental probes.
Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra - Università degli Studi di Ferrara
SOC: Alessandro Gruppuso (INAF OAS), Massimiliano Lattanzi (INFN FE), Vladimir Lukovic (Tor Vergata), Paolo Natoli (UNIFE, chair) Luca Pagano (IAS Orsay), Gianluca Polenta (ASI SSDC)

LOC: Francesco Forastieri (chair), Margherita Lembo, Diego Molinari, Umberto Natale, Linda Polastri

Keynote speakers:
  • Carlo Baccigalupi (SISSA)
  • Giovanni Cabass (MPA Garching)
  • Martina Gerbino (OKC Stockholm)
  • Andrea Grazian (INAF - OAR)
  • Gennaro Miele (University of Naples Federico II)
  • Marina Migliaccio (SSDC ASI and INFN Tor Vergata)
  • Max Pettini (University of Cambridge)
  • Dominik Schwarz (University of Bielefeld)
  • Matteo Viel (SISSA)
Invited speakers: 
  • Nicola Bartolo (University of Padova)
  • Giampaolo Benevento (University of Padova)
  • Carlo Burigana (INAF/IRA)
  • Paolo Campeti (SISSA)
  • Nitya Dal Pra (University of Ferrara)
  • Giulio Fabbian (IAS Orsay)
  • Francesco Forastieri (University of Ferrara)
  • Alexander Ganz (University of Padova)
  • Stefano Gariazzo (IFIC - Valencia)
  • Margherita Lembo (University of Ferrara)
  • Vladimir Lukovic (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
  • Nazzareno Mandolesi (University of Ferrara)
  • Alessandro Manzotti (IAP Paris)
  • Sabino Matarrese (University of Padova)
  • Daniela Paoletti (INAF OAS)
  • Diego Molinari (University of Ferrara)
  • Alessio Notari (Barcelona University)
  • Giorgio Orlando (University of Padova)
  • Sergio Pastor (IFIC - Valencia)
  • Laura Salvati (IAS Orsay)
  • Grant Teply (UCSD)
  • Patricio Vielva (IFCA Santander)