Feb 19 – 21, 2019
"Sapienza" University, Phys. Dept. Marconi
Europe/Rome timezone

The Archimedes Experiment

Feb 19, 2019, 4:35 PM
Aula Amaldi ("Sapienza" University, Phys. Dept. Marconi)

Aula Amaldi

"Sapienza" University, Phys. Dept. Marconi

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Dr Paola Puppo (ROMA1)


Archimedes is an experiment conceived to shed light on one of the most intriguing topics of the modern physics: the interaction between the gravitational field and the vacuum fluctuations. The experiment will measure the force exerted by the gravitational field on a Casimir cavity, whose vacuum energy is modulated with a superconductive transition, by using a balance as a small force detector. Archimedes is an INFN six-year project that will be installed in the SARGRAV laboratory placed in an old mine located the Sardinia italian region. This site is characterized by a very low seismic noise so it is the ideal environment for null force experiments and for third-generation gravitational waves interferometers like ET.

Primary authors

Dr Paola Puppo (ROMA1) Prof. Sergio Caprara (Sapienza, Roma) Martina De Laurentis (NA) Giampiero Esposito (NA) Marco Grilli (Università di Roma Sapienza) Luca Naticchioni (ROMA1) Piero Rapagnani (ROMA1) Luigi Rosa (NA) Paolo Ruggi (EGO - Pisa) Daniela Stornaiuolo Saverio Avino Enrico Calloni (NA) Francesco Tafuri Naurang Saini (Sapienza Università di Roma) Giovanni Piero Pepe Carlo Rovelli Fulvio Ricci (ROMA1) Ettore Majorana (ROMA1) Gianluca Gagliardi Luciano Errico (Federico II and INFN Napoli) Gabriel Pillant (EGO - Pisa) Eric Genin (EGO - Pisa)

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