17-18 January 2018
Univ. Federico II, Compl. Monte S. Angelo, Napoli
Europe/Rome timezone
Small accelerators represent a powerful tool for basic research and interdisciplinary applications. Their use extends to many fields of interest, such as atomic and nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, biophysics, material science, as well as elemental ion beam analysis, mass spectrometry, medical and industrial applications. In this workshop, organized by the INFN Section of Naples, we propose to overview and discuss some of the most significative activities that can be addressed with low energy ion beams provided by this class of facilities, and in particular with the 3MV Tandem accelerator of the Department of Physics 'Ettore Pancini', following the recent call of the Department for letters of intent to use this facility . The final goal is to explore a possible program of activities wide enough to involve also other Departments of the University of Naples Federico II, as well as other Institutions.
Univ. Federico II, Compl. Monte S. Angelo, Napoli
Aula Azzurra
Via Cinthia - 80126 Napoli