20-21 July 2017
Department of Physics, University of Pisa
Europe/Rome timezone


Conference Schedule
Department of Physics and INFN
Largo Pontecorvo, Building C, Room 131 Ground floor

Thursday 20 July

08:30  Registration
08:50  Presentation
          Chair: R. Auzzi
09:00  Minoru Eto Geometric Higgs Mechanism and Soliton World Scenario
09:30  Jarah Evslin Spiked Monopole Scattering
10:00  Chandrasekhar Chatterjee BPS Alice strings
10:30  Sven Bjarke Gudnason Some exact Bradlow vortex solutions

11:00  Coffee Break

          Chair: S. B. Gudnason
11:30  Francesco Bigazzi, Theta dependence in holographic QCD
12:00  Massimo D'Elia Theta dependence in QCD
12:30  Adriano Di Giacomo Defining an order parameter for
            monopole condensation in  QCD

13:00  Lunch

          Chair: D. Dorigoni
14:30  Ugo Bruzzo Instantons on stacky ALE spaces
15:00  Riccardo Guida Theorems from RG flows
15:30  Marco Matone SYK Model and Schwarzian theory

16:00  Coffee Break

          Chair: F. Bigazzi
16:30  Nando Gliozzi Anomalous dimensions without Feynman diagrams
17:00  Paul Sutcliffe, Skyrmion knots in frustrated magnets
17:30  Silvia Penati Puzzles in 3D Chern-Simons-matter theories
18:00  Eliezer Rabinovici, On Singularities, Quantum Noise and
            holographic Complexity

20:00  Social Dinner & Speeches

Friday 21 July

          Chair: G. Nardelli
09:00  Andrea Cappelli Three-dimensional topological insulators
            and bosonization

09:30  Nicodemo Magnoli Conformal perturbation of off­critical correlators
            in the 3D Ising universality class

10:00  Enore Guadagnini Vortex line formation in He II 
10:30  Keisuke Ohashi Conformal symmetry of trapped
            Bose­Einstein condensates and massive Nambu­Goldstone

11:00  Coffee Break

          Chair: S. Giacomelli
11:30  Muneto Nitta, Modulated Vacua
12:00  Steffen Krusch, Quantisation of Skyrmions
12:30  Ryosuke Yoshii Self-consistent Exact solutions in Gross-Neveu
                and CP(N-1) models: Inhomogeneous states and Casimir force

13:00  Lunch

          Chair: J. Evslin
14:00  Marco Bochicchio Renormalization, open/closed string duality,
            and twistor strings in large­-N QCD­-like

14:30  Domenico Seminara, Wilson lines as superconformal defects in
            ABJM theory: a formula for the emitted radiation

15:00  Gianluca Grignani, Force free electrodynamics approach to
            black hole magnetosphere

15:30  Norisuke Sakai Exact Resurgence Structure to All Orders of
            Multi­bions in Deformed SUSY Quantum

16:00  Coffee Break

          Chair: M. Matone
16:30  Daniele Dorigoni New solitons solutions in eta-deformed PCM
17:00  Simone Giacomelli, Compactification of dualities with
            decoupled operators and 3d mirror symmetry

17:30  Roberto Auzzi On Newton-Cartan trace anomalies
18:00  Kenichi Konishi Strongly-Coupled Infrared Fixed Points,
            Confinement and Chiral Symmetry Breaking


18:30  Farewell