Sep 17 – 24, 2017
Santa Tecla (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone

Confirmed speakers

M. Aliotta Experimental nuclear astrophysics: an introduction
W. Aoki r-processes observations
A. Bonasera Laser induced reactions
C. Bertulani Indirect methods in nuclear astrophysics
A. Best Recent experiments at LUNA: a detailed study and its astrophysical impact
C. Broggini The LUNA experiment: past and future
A. Coc Statistical methods for reaction rate evaluation
M. Couder Reaction studies with magnetic separators
S. Cristallo s-process in stellar sites
F. De Oliveria Resonant Elastic Scattering Measurements
D. Dell'Aquila High precision investigation of the fully sequential decay width of the Hoyle state in 12C
M. El Eid Heavy elements nucleosynthesis
Z. Fulop Low-energy direct measurements: difficulties and perspectives
M. Gai Neutron induced reactions at BBN energies
M. Gulino THM experiments with RIB
F. Hammache Transfer reactions for nuclear astrophysics
K.L. Kratz Nuclear-data input to the r-process: the case of beta-decay properties
S. Kubono Experimental Challenges to High-Temperature Hydrogen Burning
C. Matei Nuclear Astrophysics with Gamma Beams at ELI-NP
G. Mathews Primordial nucleosynthesis
M. Mazzocco RIB production and related experiments at EXOTIC
A. Mengoni Neutron induced cross section measurements for primordial and stellar nucleosynthesis at CERN n_TOF
P. Moller Essentials of the macroscopic-microscopic folded-Yukawa approach and examples of its record in providing data for r-process and neutron-star crust studies
J. Mrazek ANC experiments
S. Nishimura RIB and explosive nucleosynthesis
D. Pierroutsaku Gas detectors
H. Schatz Explosive nucleosynthesis: from the stars to the labs
O. Straniero Stellar structure and evolution
L. Trache Experimental activities at IFIN-NH
A. Tumino The Trojan Horse Method in nuclear astrophysics
P. Woods Experimental approaches for nuclear astrophysical reactions with  radioactive species
H. Yamaguchi Direct measurements and detection techniques with low-energy RIBs