Sep 17 – 24, 2017
Santa Tecla (Italy)
Europe/Rome timezone

Young researchers sessions

Monday, 18/09/2017
Chillery Thomas “Proton-Induced Reactions of 6Li and 7Be and their Importance in    Nuclear Astrophysics”

Damone Lucia Anna “7Be(n,p) cross section measurement for the Cosmological Lithium Problem at the n_TOF facility at CERN“
 Meyer Ann “Study of key resonances in the 30P(p,γ)31S reaction in classical novae”

Thursday, 21/09/2017
D’Agata Giuseppe “The 19F(α,p) S(E)-factor measurement through the Trojan Horse Method”
Cvetinovic Aleksandra “Improved measurements on the 10B(p,α0)7Be cross section using the Trojan Horse Method”
Friday, 22/09/2017

Tahanni MakkiHow can the Lithium problem be resolved?”
Dietz Mirco “First Measurement of the Stellar 72Ge(n,γ) Cross Section“
Inoue Azusa “Study of the contribution of the 7Be(d,p) reaction to the 7Li problem in the Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis”

Lehr Christopher “The investigation of quasi-free scattering reactions with the    two-proton-halo nucleus 17Ne “


Heshani Jayatissa “The study of the 22Ne(α,n)25Mg reaction rate via indirect sub-coulomb alpha-transfer techniques”
Hooker Joshua “Commissioning of the new Texas Active Target Detector”
Upadhyayula Sriteja “Probing the cluster structure in 10Be using resonant 6He+alpha scattering”
Guardo Giovanni Luca “Development of the ELISSA array: the prototype of
Laboratori Nazionali del Sud”
Lattuada Dario “Geant4 simulations for photonuclear Astrophysics reactions at

Saturday, 23/09/2017

Mori Kanji “Resonance Effects in Carbon Burning Process on Type Ia Supernovae“
Shimizu Hideki “Isomeric 26Al beam production with CRIB”
Strano Emanuele “7Be and 8B reaction dynamics at Coulomb barrier energies”
Michael Mathy “Lifetime Measurement of Higher-Lying Excited States in 16C”
Schmidt Konrad “X-ray burst studies with the JENSA gas jet target”
Xiaofeng Xi “Diagnose Laser-induced Neutrons by Detecting Radiative Capture Gamma-rays”
Sivacek Ivan Measurement ANCs of 26 Si(p,g) 27 P – via mirror nucleus 26 Mg(d,p)
Perrotta Salvatore Simone “The Treiman-Yang Criterion: validating the Trojan Horse Method by experimentally probing the reaction mechanism”