Energy-momentum tensor correlation function in Nf=2+1 full QCD at finite temperature

28 Jun 2017, 16:55


Yusuke Taniguchi (University of Tsukuba)


We measure correlation functions of energy-momentum tensor in Nf=2+1 full QCD at finite temperature by applying the gradient flow method both to the gauge and quark fields. Our main interest is to study the conservation law of the energy-momentum tensor and to extract thermodynamical quantities from the correlation function. We adopt a fine lattice spacing a=0.07 (fm) and cover a wide range of temperature region $174\le T\le697$ MeV. The ud quark mass is rather heavy with $m_{\pi}/m_{\rho}\simeq0.63$ while the s quark mass is set to approximately its physical value.

Primary author

Yusuke Taniguchi (University of Tsukuba)


Mr Asobu Suzuki (Univesity of Tsukuba) Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki (Kyushu University) Prof. Kazuyuki Kanaya (University of Tsukuba) Dr Masakiyo Kitazawa (Osaka University) Dr Shinji Ejiri (Niigata University) Dr Takashi Umeda (Hiroshima Univ.)

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