The QCD phase transition at large N as BKT type transition.

27 Jun 2017, 10:30


Ariel Zhitnitsky (University of British Columbia)


We conjecture that the phase transitions in QCD at large N is triggered by the drastic changes in the instanton density, and corresponding drastic modification of the \theta behaviour in the system. We advocate the picture that these very sharp changes is a result of complete reconstruction of the relevant Euclidean configurations when the instantons at large T ``dissociate" into N fractionally charged constituents (the instanton quarks, the instanton -dyons, the instanton-monopoles, you name it) at small T. This picture is quite universal and describes the corresponding transitions in different circumstances. In particular, the transition to colour superconducting phase at \mu>\mu_c, or to the conformal phase (for sufficiently large N_f/N) can be described using the same universal framework. The talk is based on few recent papers (see [1] and references therein) and some recent development. [1]. A. Zhitnitsky ``Conformal window in QCD for large numbers of colours and flavours,'' Nucl.\ Phys.\ A {\bf 921}, 1 (2014), arXiv:1308.0020 [hep-ph].

Primary author

Ariel Zhitnitsky (University of British Columbia)

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