Strange baryons below and above the deconfinement transition

27 Jun 2017, 09:40


Gert Aarts (Swansea University)


We investigate the fate of strange baryons in the hadronic gas and the quark-gluon plasma. In the confined phase a strong temperature dependence is seen in the masses of the negative-parity groundstates, while at high temperature parity doubling emerges. We study baryons with different strangeness and find a noticeable effect of the heavier s quark. This study uses nonperturbative lattice simulations, employing the FASTSUM anisotropic Nf = 2 + 1 ensembles.

Primary author

Gert Aarts (Swansea University)


Dr Benjamin Jaeger (ETH Zurich) Dr Chris Allton (Swansea University) Mr Davide de Boni (Swansea University) Dr Jonivar Skullerud (Manynooth University) Prof. Simon Hands (Swansea University)

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