Simulation of theories with a topological term

26 Jun 2017, 12:35


Eduardo Follana (Universidad de Zaragoza)


We discuss two methods for simulating systems with a "theta-like" term in the action, and that therefore suffer from a severe sign problem. Both methods are based on simulations at imaginary values of the "theta-like" parameter, where the sign problem is absent. We show the results of implementing the methods in a variety of physical systems, and we analyze their applicability and shortcomings. We also present preliminary results on the Schwinger model with a theta term, and we discuss the prospects for simulating QCD with a non-zero theta angle.

Primary author

Eduardo Follana (Universidad de Zaragoza)


Mr Alejandro Vaquero (Universidad de Zaragoza) Mr Eduardo Royo (Universidad de Zaragoza) Giuseppe Di Carlo (LNGS) Prof. Vicente Azcoiti (Universidad de Zaragoza)

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