Jun 11 – 16, 2017
Portopalo di Capo Passero - Syracuse, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Request for Grants

Request for Grants
We can assign grants to students in need, either for a full coverage (travel + local expenses) or for a partial coverage (local expenses only).
Due to limitations of the budget, a Referee Committee will examine the requests and accept or reject them on the basis of the funds available, of the motivations and of the country of origin. 
In view of the purposes of the School and its being organized in Europe, participants from non-European countries, especially of the Mediterranean area, will be considered primarily. We invite interested students or young researchers to present their application using the form below as soon as possible, and not later than March, 10, in order to give us the time for a decision and (in case) for arrangements related to visas and travel tickets. 
The participants requiring a grant will be contacted again for communicating them the result of the selection and, in case, the details required (e.g. photo of the Passport, status of visas etc.)

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