8-13 September 2008
Dip. di Fisica
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Programme

The International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle has now become a familiar venue for theorists and experimentalists on flavour physics to discuss details of results and brainstorm on future ideas. The 2008 edition of this workshop, the fifth of the series, will mark a transition in flavor physics. On one side the B-Factories will have collected most of their data [BaBar will have ended data-taking, Belle may be preparing for an upgrade, and CLEO will have terminated running as a B- and Charm- Factory] and super-BFactories [either SuperB or the upgrade of KEKB] will not have started operations. LHCb will be getting their first data or be on the verge of it. The situation of the Tevatron is slightly different in that they will have collected a good fraction of their Run-II data but they will still have a significant part of their program ahead. Similarly the Kaon facilities will be at a turning point between the prior generation [NA48, KTeV and KLOE] and the new one [NA48/3 and the KLOE upgrade]. The CKM 2008 workshop will therefore focus on discussing, compiling and interpreting the results of the experiments at the current flavor factories and on transferring information to the new generation and developing new ideas and approaches for them. There are all the premises for an extremely interesting workshop.

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