12-13 November 2015
Aula Magna e Saloni di Rappresentanza della Scuola Nazionale dell'Amministrazione - Reggia di Caserta, Caserta
Europe/Rome timezone


Thursday, November 12
14:10 Welcome Addresses: G. Paolisso (Rector of the Second University of Napoli)
    G. La Rana (Director of the INFN Division of Napoli)
    A. Bracco (NuPECC Chair)
Chairperson: A. Bracco (Milano - Italy)
14:30 G. de Angelis (LNL - Italy) Physics programs at SPES download pdf
15:00 M. Wiescher (Notre Dame - USA) Introduction to experimental nuclear astrophysics download pdf
15:30 A. Aprahamian (Notre Dame - USA) Explosive nucleosythesis: interesting measurement that could be done at SPES? download pdf
16:30-17:00 Coffee Break  
Chairperson: M. Aliotta (Edinburgh - UK)
17:00 B. Bastin (GANIL - France) The nuclear astrophysics program at GANIL-SPIRAL2
17:30 C. Massimi (Bologna - Italy) Nuclear Astrophysics at n_ToF download pdf
17:50 C. Spitaleri (LNS - Italy) Recent results and perspectives with the Trojan Horse Method
18:10 B. Fernández-Domínguez
(Santiago de Compostela - Spain)
Direct reactions with exotic nuclei in the r-process using an active target
18:30 Session close  
20:00 Dinner speech "The dark side of the Universe" by M. Capaccioli (Napoli - Italy)
20:30 Social Dinner
 Friday, November 13
Chairperson: A. Tumino (Enna - Italy)
09:00 G. Prete (LNL - Italy) Status of the SPES project download pdf
09:30 A. Aprahamian (Notre Dame - USA) The facility for rare isotope beams and the r-process download pdf
10:00 T. Motobayashi (RIKEN - Japan) The nuclear astrophysics program at RIKEN download pdf
10:30 O. Straniero (INAF - Italy) Stars and stardust: astrophysics at SPES download pdf
10:50-11:20 Coffee Break  
Chairperson: S. Cherubini (Catania - Italy)
11:20 G. Benzoni (Milano - Italy) Beta-Decay Spectroscopy at SPES download pdf
11:35 D. Mengoni (Padova - Italy) Direct reactions at SPES to probe: Nuclear magicity at Z~50 and N~82, NN Pairing and Neutron capture cross section via the surrogate method download pdf
11:50 L. Gialanella (Caserta - Italy) Low-energy projects at SPES download pdf
12:10 C. Broggini (Padova - Italy) LUNA experiment – status and perspectives download pdf
12:30 G. Fiorentini (LNL - Italy) SPES, from stars to medicine
13:00 Closing remarks: M. Taiuti (Gevova, Italy)
    F. Terrasi (Caserta, Italy)
13:15 Light lunch