Preliminary Agenda:

- General remarks (T. Chiarusi)

- Review of the project 
  - TSC   (M. Favaro)
  - TSV + HM + TCPU   (M. Manzali)
  - EM   (C. Pellegrino)

-  New Items
  - heart-beat: model definition  (M. Favaro, M. Manzali)
  - new data-formats from the FCMs

- Specifics and Proposals:
   - replacing the booleans arrays with  std::bitset   (M. Manzali)
   - Datacard: JSON vs. INI    (M. Manzali, F. Giacomini)
   - redesign of STS and TTS  (M. Manzali, C. Pellegrino)
   - organization of the Post-Trigger files   (C. Pellegrino, T. Chiarusi)

- Planning
  - Continuous testing    (T. Chiarusi)

- a.o.b.



- VIDEOCONF:  via client H.323  (like codian Xmeeting NetMeeting, even Vidyo)

1) connect to IP: ;

2) A kind lady asks to digit the conference code. It is  2031#


2 alternative) one can scroll the list of virtual rooms, searching for "KM3NeT Chiarusi"  with the cursor of the keyboard-tool of the used H.323 client 


-PhoneCONF:   from telephone or soft-phones

1) Dial one of the phone numbers listed here:

2) when requested, digit the number (without ending #)


3) finally, answer to the second question of the receptionist by dialing the code:


(note that this time the # is requred)


TriDAS tests
  • Carmelo Pellegrino
  • Francesco Giacomini
  • Matteo Favaro
  • Matteo Manzali
  • Tommaso Chiarusi
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