Tuscan Meeting on Theoretical Physics (joint INFN/SNS/UniFi/UniPi activity)

131 (Building C, ground floor)


Building C, ground floor

11:00 - Jan de Boer (Amsterdam)
Title: Probing the interior of AdS .
Abstract: It has been, and still is a bit of a puzzle how the interior of AdS is encoded in the dual gauge theory. This issue has attracted renewed interest because of the claim that black hole horizons may contain firewalls. In this talk some approaches to reconstruct the interior from the boundary will be reviewed, with emphasis on an approach based on a new quantity called differential entropy.
12:00 Lunch break
14:00 - Ferdinando Gliozzi (Torino)
Title: A shortcut to  Conformal Bootstrap
Abstract: The modern numerical implementation of the conformal bootstrap mechanism applies only to CFTs saturating unitarity bounds. I describe an alternative approach which works for a much larger class of theories and is much more economical computationally, though the obtained results are not yet as precise as in the usual method.
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 - Carlos Nunez (Swansea)
Title: Aspects of Gauge-Strings duality
Abstract: I will discuss recent developments in the duality between gauge fields and strings.

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