Sep 15 – 18, 2014
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Europe/Rome timezone

Entanglement Entropy of the Lee-Yang Model from Branch Point Twist Fields

Sep 17, 2014, 11:00 AM
Aula Magna (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy)

Aula Magna

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

A. Righi Building Via Irnerio 46, 40126 Bologna (Italy)


Dr Olalla Castro Alvaredo (City University London)


In this talks I will present new (unpublished) results regarding the entanglement entropy of one of the simplest integrable models: the Lee-Yang theory. Despite its simplicity, the Lee-Yang theory is non-unitary. One of the most famous consequences of this non-unitarity was the realization by Zamolodchikov that the form factor expansion of correlation functions is now given in terms of an alternating series. In my talk I will explain how form factors of twists fields and their correlators may be computed for this model which enter an expression for the entanglement entropy of the theory. I will show how this form factor expansion reproduces the predicted CFT behaviour for short distances and how next-to-leading order corrections to the entanglement entropy of large sub-systems differ from those found for unitary models.

Primary author

Dr Olalla Castro Alvaredo (City University London)

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