Jun 2 – 8, 2013
Porto Conte Alghero
Europe/Rome timezone
The Seminar offers lectures to PHD students, Postdoctoral scholars and young researchers working at Universities or Research Institutes.

The Seminar is organized in didactical units on software developed and used in fundamental and applied physics, theoretical and experimental.

The lectures also include a series of lessons on the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit.  A specific Geant4 course is, in fact, organized and it will include teorethical as well as practical sessions.

For practical session instructions here.
For downloading the code: http://geant4.lngs.infn.it/AlgheroSeminar2013/code/taskX.tar

Contacts for Geant4 support: francesco.romano@lns.infn.it, anna.varisano@lns.infn.it

Prerequisites for the Geant4 course (updated)
Each student has to bring his own, configured with the proper software to correctly join the practical session of the Geant4 course.
Participants will be also provided with a dedicated account on a pre-configured machine where Geant4 is already installed.

Students can choose between two methods for working with Geant4 during the practical session. We suggest to use the first one and, in case of issues, to switch on the second one:

1) download a VMware Virtual Machine with a pre-configured version of Geant4 (recommended):
- with SSH Secure Shell (on Windows) or directly with the scp command (on Linux): scp virtual_machine@  (passwd: alghero2013)
- or directly here

2) connect via ssh to the machines available for the Seminar, where a pre-configured version of Geant4 has been installed (alternative)

For both the two options, the required software is provided to the students: more details at the link "Geant4 material"

Alternatively, students that want to install and run Geant4 on their laptop using directly their local Operative System have to:
  1. Work with a Linux or OSX Operative system with the C++compiler properly installed
  2. OSX Users have to install the full XCode package
  3. Linux Users have to install the OpenGL and the Expat Libraries
  4. Both OSX and Linux Users have to install the CMake cross-platform build system
  5. Both OSX and Linux Users are encouraged to install also Qt visualization driver for advanced visualization with Geant4

The use of Windows is not suggested, even if it can be potentially used.

Additional information for the Geant4 installation and supported platforms can be found inside the code official installation instructions.

Porto Conte Alghero
Località Porto Conte