January 26, 2012
INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
Europe/Rome timezone

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  • LNF 1st Mini-Workshop Series: Geodetic and time measurement for the CNGS

January, 26th 2012

DICEA Area di Geodesia e Geomatica Univ. Roma La Sapienza: CERN-LNGS distance computation for the OPERA project

T. Schildknecht (Astronomica Inst. of Bern Univ): Time Transfer

A. Jaeggi (Astronomica Inst. of Bern Univ): Global Navigation Satellite Systems for Positioning and Time Transfer


  • LNF 2nd Mini-Workshop Series: Space Exploration

March, 8th 2012

S. Dell'Agnello (LNF INFN): Introduction LNF 2nd MiniWorkshop Series

R. Vittori (ESA-HSO U. and LNF INFN): Highlights of Endeavor's final flight on the Space Shuttle Program

M. Spagnulo (ASI Office of Presidency): ASI perspectives on space exploration from long term strategic plan

David E. Smith (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology): Highlights of planetary laser ranging and altimetry: Mars (Mars Global Surveyor), Moon (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter), Mercury (MESSENGER) and beyond.

  • LNF 3rd Mini-Workshop Series: Higgs Search at LHC

March, 28th 2012

Simone Gennai (CERN): Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson  in the tautau final state at LHC

Daniele del Re (Roma La Sapienza Univ.&INFN Roma): Search For a Higgs Boson In The H -> Gamma Gamma Channel at the LHC

Roberto di Nardo (LNF INFN)Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the H->WW(*)->lvlv decay channel at LHC

Stefano Rosati (INFN Roma): Search of the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the ZZ(*) decay channel at the LHC

  • LNF 4th Mini-Workshop Series: CNAO

April, 12th 2012

Maria Rosaria Fiore (CNAO, Pavia): Initial Clinical Experience With Scanned Proton Beams At Italian National Center For Hadrontherapy

Caterina Biscari (LNF INFN): Commissioning e Operazione del CNAO

Claudio Sanrelli (LNF INFN): L’INFN e il CNAO

  • LNF 5th Mini-Workshop Series: Monte Carlo Generators at LHC

May, 16th 2012

Mike Seymour (Manchster Univ.): Event Generators for the LHC

Biagio Di Micco (Cern & Roma Tre Univ.): Event Generators for the Higgs boson searches at the LHC

  • LNF 6th Mini-Workshop Series: Jet Phenomenology at the LHC

June, 27th 2012

Mrinal Dasgupta (Manchster Univ.): QCD and Jet Physics

Paolo Francavilla (IFAE Barcelona): Jet Physics in ATLAS

Paolo Bartalini (National Taiwan Univ.): Underlying Event and Multiple Parton Interactions Studies at CMS: how soft QCD can prepare the ground for the interpretation of some rare SM backgrounds to seraches