May 22 – 24, 2013
Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Conference Proceedings

In continuity with the previous editions of the RICAP Conference, the Conference Proceedings will be published by Elsevier in Nuclear Instruments and Methods (NIM). 

In agreement with Elsevier, we have decided to speed-up the preparation of the proceedings in order to publish the NIM issue before the end of 2013. The deadlines that we have to meet are:
  • First submission date to Elsevier Editorial System:  30 June 2013
  • The submission deadline to Elsevier Editorial System: 31 July 2013
  • Expected date of submitting all papers to Elsevier for production: 31 Oct. 2013
The length of the requested paper depends on the type of the contribution prepared for the Conference:
  • Talk in the Conference Plenary Session: up to 8 pages, including figures and bibliography;
  • Talk in the Conference Parallel Session: up to 4 pages, including figures and bibliography;
  • Summary Talk in the Conference Plenary Session: up to 10-12 pages, including figures and bibliography;
  • Poster in the Conference Poster Session: up to 2 pages, including figures and bibliography.
For the preparation of the paper, please refer to the Elsevier Guide for Authors. LaTeX templates (Elsarticle LaTeX document class) are available here. Elsevier suggestion is to download the file and choose one of the *-num.tex for numerical references. Word templates are not available but any format is acceptable, as long as lines are numbered. Indeed, the articles will be all typeset in the production phase, so the details of the submission format are not important.

LaTeX templates are recommended because allow the authors to have a good idea of the final form of articles and will help Elsevier in the editorial phase. Once you have chosen the template, Elsevier suggestions are as follows:
1.       Uncomment: \documentclass[final,5p,times,twocolumn]{elsarticle}
to have a two-column manuscript more similar to the final published version.
2.       Uncomment: \usepackage{lineno} and \linenumbers
in order to have line-numbered manuscripts by default (required).
Following the above directions given by Elsevier, we have prepared a template for RICAP. You can download it and use it to prepare your contribution.