22-24 May 2013
Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

INTEGRAL Observatory highlights

23 May 2013, 10:20
Aula Edoardo Amaldi (first floor) (Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy)

Aula Edoardo Amaldi (first floor)

Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy


Prof. Pietro Ubertini (IASP-INAF)


ABSTRACT ESAs INTEGRAL Space Observatory has just spent his first decade in orbit, producing an unprecedented harvest of results in the soft gamma-ray range, ranging from the inventory of the high energy sources, to the discovery of hundreds of variable soft gamma-ray sources to the mapping of the Aluminum and 511 keV annihilation line in the Galaxy and the evidence of polarized gamma ray emission from the Crab Nebula, strong Gamma-ray burst and more recently Cyg X-1. INTEGRAL observing strategy has recently supplemented the deep observations of the Galactic Centre and Plane and the regular monitoring of the Galaxy Plane (GPS) with deep observations of extragalactic regions demonstrating soft (15 keV to 10 MeV) and high energy gamma FERMI and AGILE sky are barely overlapped. The talk will review the latest INTEGRAL discoveries in the framework ofthe high energy sky and the future prospects.

Primary author

Prof. Pietro Ubertini (IASP-INAF)

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