22-24 May 2013
Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Radioactive Heavy nuclei UHECR as the source of TeVs anisotropy?

23 May 2013, 15:00
Aula Giorgio Careri (first floor) (Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy)

Aula Giorgio Careri (first floor)

Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy


Prof. Daniele Fargion (ROMA1)


UHECR may keep memory of their source because their rigidity do not suffer much of magnetic bending. Therefore we are waiting for the birth of an UHECR astronomy. We do observe by AUGER a little UHECR clustering. On the other side at TeVs-PeVs energy scale cosmic rays at medium scale show anisotropy in the sky, without any plausible source or reasonable explanation. We suggest that UHECR radioactivity may be , as observed at non relativistic stage, a main source of Luminosity around Supernovae, while if beamed to us it may shine as an ultrarelativistic gamma- and or alfa source correlated to the UHECR sources.

Primary author

Prof. Daniele Fargion (ROMA1)

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