22-24 May 2013
Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Proof of feasibility of the Vacuum Silicon PhotoMultiplier Tube (VSiPMT)

23 May 2013, 17:05
Aula Giorgio Careri (first floor) (Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy)

Aula Giorgio Careri (first floor)

Physics Department, University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy


Daniele Vivolo (NA)


VSiPMT (Vacuum Silicon PhotoMultiplier Tube) is an innovative hybrid photon detector combining the performances and the potential of SiPM technology with a hemispherical glass PMT standard envelope. Our purpose is to combine the key features of a SiPM (high quantum efficiency, low operation voltages, insensitivity to magnetic fields and robustness) with the large sensitive area of a photocathode. In such a device, the SiPM replaces the standard dynode chain of a PMT, thus acting as an electron multiplier. In order to get a proof of the feasibility of the VSiPMT, we tested the performances of a special non-windowed Hamamatsu MPPC with an electron source. In this work we provide a detailed description of the experimental setup and of our measurements.

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