EMC meeting

Claudia Cecchi (PG), Frank Porter (Caltech)
Minutes of SuperB EMC meeting, Wednesday 120523 Indico agenda at: http://agenda.infn.it/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=5127 1) Elisa's presentation will be re-scheduled for Elba. 2) TDR: Notes from 120426 meeting, updated according to 120523 discussion: Current EMC chapter is on agenda page at: http://agenda.infn.it/getFile.py/access?contribId=1&resId=0&materialId=0&confId=5127 People are encouraged to commit changes frequently. Numbers are sections: Overview: 9.1.1 Figs 9.1-9.3 may need to be updated with new rate calculations 9.1.2 Simulation tools - agreed that this was appropriate place to keep this discussion. Presumed authors: Chih-hsiang - will do, can be brief Stefano - question about what goes here and what goes in the background chapter. A brief description of the tool goes here; include brief description of how backgrounds are done, but refer to background chapter for detailed discussion. Barrel: (Kevin) Figure 9.4 will be changed using ntuples from David Doll (Kevin) I think this has been done(?) Readout - beginning of May (Valerio) (EVO problems prevented us from having a conclusive discussion here) Calibration (Kevin, with Andy Ruland) Resolution (Wenfeng, with Kevin) Effect of radiation damamge - more to be added (pi0 and mass resolution as fn of time/dose) (Wolfgang Gradl, with Kevin) 9.2.4 Electronics changes (Valerio, beginning of May) 9.2.5 Kevin will write up from his talk at Frascati. photos are OK 9.2.6 Electronics refurbishment Valerio 9.2.7 Calibration systems DavidH has given to Kevin and Ric 9.2.8 Re-installation at Tor Vergata Now includes local storage. Could be at Roma2? Baseline is modules taken apart, impacts storage. Alternative is ship as a whole, then could in principle be stored in IR hall. Kevin can produce generic discussion; any details will have to come from others (who?) Forward: (Ric) 9.3.0 Requirements [was 9.3.1, but no longer appears; I don't recall a decision to remove?] - May need to be modified if the benchmark is the degraded barrel, and to reflect cost "requirement" 9.3.1 Crystals Depending on which forward option becomes baseline, may be able to shorten or move much of discussion to an appendix. 9.3.9 Mechanical Design There will be differences depending on the hybrid vs pure CsI choices. The present discussion on the new structure could be put in an appendix? 9.3.10 Performance Include new production. Fastsim studies (Chih-hsiang) 9.3.11 Test beam Maybe can shrink this section, depending on choice of technology. Still plan to do a paper. Trigger discussion to be done (Claudia will check with Ric about who can do this). Somemore work to do on results (Claudia) 9.3.12 Alternatives The fact that we thought about PWO should be mentioned (eg including studies from Stefano) Pure CsI (Claudia) BGO Has been added (Ric) Backward (Gerald) Essentially complete. 9.4.1 Physics Needs to be merged in with later discussion (9.4.7). Done, but section still exists. Will look at in editing pass; probably delete. Background rates Numbers and Figure 9.50 probably will need to be updated according to new production. 9.4.7 (See also 9.4.1 above) Perhaps add some rather generic comments about additional places that backward endcap could have an impact, but which have not been studied. Examples include B tagging efficiency and (high energy) gamma + invisible events. This has been added in 9.4.9 Remarked that fullsim still does not have the complete backward geometry, so detalied studies precluded. Trigger (Valerio) 9.5 Trigger Felt that there should still be some discussion here on trigger, e.g., on the EMC primitives, even though most of trigger will be discussed in ETD chapter. Detector protection 9.6.1 Thermal shock (Kevin?) Risk of PINs popping off; need to control thermal environment 9.6.2 Mechanical shock (Kevin, with Shawn) 9.6.3 Fluid spills (Kevin - barrel) 9.6.4 Electrical (Valerio?) 9.6.5 Radiation damage Should add discussion of accelerator interlocks. The barrel is most difficult, because the forward detector is more accessible, and replacement of damaged components more plausible. Cost&schedule 9.7 This section will be somewhere else. Work on cost&schedule expected to start in earnest at/following Elba 3) Elba agenda Current draft agenda for Elba at: http://agenda.infn.it/getFile.py/access?contribId=2&resId=0&materialId=1&confId=5127 3 EMC sessions. Items will include: - results from new production/shielding - TDR - Barrel (and BaBar endcap structure - work has been underway with SLAC on finding drawings and tooling; people are in good communication) - Dicussion of increased reliability requirements due to decreased accessibility (integration item below). Claudia and Frank will Skype to discuss agenda. 4) AOB Slides from Integration meeting posted on Indico site, for information: http://agenda.infn.it/getFile.py/access?contribId=3&resId=0&materialId=0&confId=5127 Impacts of structure needed to support added weight of shielding near IP: - accessibility to readout and crystals of forward EMC becomes harder - backward calorimeter will need to be installed in pieces. Next meeting will be at Elba
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    • 5:30 PM 5:50 PM
      Performance studies with fastsim and new shielding 20m
      This item will be re-scheduled to Elba.
      Speaker: Elisa Manoni (PG)
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      TDR 20m
      EMC chapter draft 120522
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      Elba meeting 20m
      agenda v3
      ELBA overview
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      AOB 20m
      Raffaelli 120521 integration