5. Theoretical Physics (CSN4)

Topological susceptibility and chiral condensate with maximally twisted mass fermions

by Dr Elena García Ramos (DESY)

Aula Conversi (LNF)

Aula Conversi


Via Enrico Fermi, 40 00044 Frascati (Roma)
We study the `spectral projector' method for the computation of the the chiral condensate and the topological susceptibility, using maximally twisted mass Wilson fermions. In particular, we perform a study of the quark mass dependence of the chiral condensate $\Sigma$ and topological susceptibility $\chi_{top}$ in the range $270\;\mathrm{MeV} < m_{\pi} < 500\;\mathrm{MeV}$ and compare our data with the analytical predictions. In addition, we compute $\chi_{top}$ in the quenched approximation where we matched the lattice spacing to the dynamical simulations. Using the Kaon, $\eta$ and $\eta'$ meson masses computed on the dynamical ensembles, we then perform a preliminary test of the Witten-Veneziano relation.