December 1, 2011
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Bruno Touschek Memorial Lectures: From AdA to SuperB. Fifty years ago, the first electron-positron storage ring in the world, the Anello di Accumulazione (AdA), started operating in Frascati at INFN National Laboratories. AdA had been conceived by the Austrian-born theorist Bruno Touschek, who, in February-March 1960, put forward a project, which had been rapidly approved. Built in less than one year by a team of engineers, technicians and physicists, some of whom had just completed the construction of a powerful electron synchrotron of 1100 MeV, AdA was brought to operation in February 1961. To celebrate this historic milestone, the INFN Frascati Laboratories and the French IN2P3/CNRS Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire d’Orsay, LAL, where AdA was successfully operated as a collider for the first time, are jointly organizing a workshop entitled "From AdA to SuperB" as a special event in the series "Bruno Touschek Memorial Lectures". The workshop will be held in Frascati on December 1st. The programme is divided in two parts: the first, targeted to the scientific community, is dedicated to the history of electron-positron collisions and to the new SuperB project; the second part, hosted in the beautiful setting of the Scuderie of Villa Aldobrandini in the town of Frascati, consists in a seminar on SuperB tuned for the general public. Thanks to the Mayors of Frascati and Orsay, a scientific twinning between the two cities will be established.
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<B>Aula B. Touschek, Bldg 36</B>
Via E. Fermi, 40 00044 Frascati, Italy