V. Vecchiotti - Constraining very high energy gamma-ray and neutrino diffuse emission

Room B. Pontecorvo (LNGS)

Room B. Pontecorvo



We calculate the very-high-energy diffuse fluxes of gammas and neutrinos produced by the hadronic interactions of cosmic rays (CR) with the gas contained in the Galactic disk. We compare our results with recent gamma-ray and neutrino observational data in the TeV and sub-PeV energy range. Namely, we perform a detailed comparison of our predictions with the recent measure of diffuse emission by Tibet ASγ in the sub-PeV energy range. We also compare our results with the recent hint for a galactic neutrino component obtained by ANTARES and with the IceCube observational constraints. We take advantage of recent source population studies to evaluate the contamination of unresolved sources to observational determinations of gamma-ray and neutrino diffuse emission. By comparing our expectations with IceCube measurement, we constrain the fraction of Galactic TeV gamma-ray sources (resolved and unresolved) with hadronic nature. We finally discuss the constraints that can be obtained on the CR spatial and energy distribution and, hence, on the gamma-ray and neutrino diffuse emission.
Vittoria Vecchiotti
Norwegian University Of Science And Technology, Trondheim


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