8-11 November 2011
Europe/Rome timezone


F. Cappuzzello (Univ.Catania and INFN-LNS), Use of magnetic spectrometers with radioactive beams

M. Colonna (INFN-LNS), Dissipative reaction mechanisms at SPES energies

S. Corradetti (INFN-LN), The target for the SPES project: material synthesis and experimental tests

E. Farnea (INFN-Padova),The Agata detector

P. Figuera (INFN-LNS), Experimental studies of collisions induced by halo nuclei at energies around the Coulomb barrier

S. Pirrone (INFN-Sez. Catania), Fragmentation Beams at LNS

G. Prete (INFN-LNL), The Spes project