December 12, 2023
Enrico Fermi Study and Research Center
Europe/Rome timezone

Within the program of the workshop Future Perspectives on Primordial Black Holes, that will gather in Rome experts in gravity, early Universe cosmology and black holes, INFN and Spaienza University organize a special event at the Enrico Fermi Study and Research Center (CREF), dedicated to one of the oldest and profound questions in human history:

What is Time?

The passage of time is probably one of the most straightforward aspects of human perception, that has always been associated with the passing of seasons and cycles of celestial objects, used to measure the flow of life. 

Yet, the concept of time has been investigated and questioned by philosophers since the anciet times, and later on also by scientists, throughout the whole history of human thought. 

Does time flow or simply is? 

What is the orgin of the arrow of time?

From the absolute concept of time proposed by Isaac Newton, to the relativitic one formulated by Albert Eisntein, and the more recent attempts of quantum gravity to reach an unifed theory between the theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics, modern physics has not found yet a definitive answer to explain which is the true nature of time.

With the help of experts in theoretical physics and philosophy, we will open a debate about one of the most fascinating and difficult questions in the human quest for the meaning of reality.

We have reached the maximum number of participants that we can accomodate in the room. For all the other people interested the event will be streamed on Zoom.

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 842 5397 6940 
Passcode: 518457

List of topics:

  • Mach Principle and space time structure
  • Time in the history of science and philosophy
  • Time and atemporality in current philosophy
  • The Arrow of Time
  • Time in physics: theroy and models
  • Time in quantum gravity and quantum cosmology  

List of invited speakers:

Julian Barbour (University of Oxford, UK)                            
Silvia De Bianchi (University of Milan, IT)                             
Stefano Liberati (SISSA Trieste, IT)                                                     
Luciano Pietronero (CREF Rome, IT)             

Moderator: Roberto Capuzzo Dolcetta (Sapienza University of Rome, IT)                 

Scientific Secretariat: Anna Lo Piano                            
Organizing Committee: Ilia Musco, Paolo Pani, Alfredo Urbano

Support: This event is supported by INFN Fellini Fellowship DarkPBH "Dark Matter and Gravitational Waves" (H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2016 G.A. n. 754496) and by the ERC project DarkGRA “​Unveiling the dark universe with gravitational waves” (ERC-2017-StG 757480).


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Enrico Fermi Study and Research Center
Aula Fermi
Piazza del Viminale, 1 - 00184 Roma
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To attend this event it is mandatory to register. The building of the Enrico Fermi Reserch Center (CREF) is part of the Ministery of Internal Affair. At the entrance the security will be checking the list of participants.