Jun 16 – 23, 2023
Policeta - San Rufo
Europe/Rome timezone

The International Workshop on Information Geometry, Quantum Mechanics and Applications is part of a series of meetings on quantum mechanics and its applications held either in Italy (Naples, Policeta), or Spain (Madrid, Grajera). Their aim is to analyse the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory  and their applications to quantum information technologies. The idea of this workshop is to present few relevant problems in the foundations of quantum mechanics to a small number of young researchers and to work in a collaborative environment.

In particular, the event will be focused on the following topics: 

  • classical and quantum information geometry
  • entanglement, decoherence, quantum dissipation
  • relative entropies and monotonicity
  • categories and groupoids in the Schwinger's picture of quantum mechanics
  • quantum thermodynamics, open quantum systems
  • quantum technologies: control, simulation, robustness
  • random matrices 
  • Poisson and dimensional reduction in field theories


Scientific committee:

  • Manuel Asorey
  • Paolo Facchi
  • Alberto Ibort
  • Giuseppe Marmo
  • Saverio Pascazio
  • Patrizia Vitale


Organizing committee:

  • Francesco Pepe
  • Luca Schiavone
  • Alessandro Zampini




Policeta - San Rufo

Policeta-San Rufo and Atena Lucana can be reached by car, find here a map, or by bus, Napoli-Polla, then Polla-Sant'Arsenio or directly Napoli-(Polla)-Atena Lucana Scalo, find here (click Napoli, or Polla) bus

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