Status and prospects of astroparticle physics

Conversi (Physics Department Sapienza University)


Physics Department Sapienza University


The event is aimed at researchers and students and aims to present an overview of the research area in astroparticle physics, which studies the Universe by combining the information obtained with different "messengers" such as cosmic rays, neutrinos, gamma rays and gravitational waves. The latest results of the experiments currently in the data-taking phase, in space and on Earth, will be presented and the future prospects for extending current projects or designing new detectors will be discussed. The interpretation of the results will also be discussed with particular attention to the "multi-messenger" approach, necessary for a deep understanding of the highly energetic mechanisms in the Universe. There are no fees to participate to the event but a pre-registration is required: please register as soon as possible.  The final registration will be done, close to the entrance of Conversi room on Wednesday 25 morning, starting at 9:00.

A Meet remote connection will be possible at the link

The event is organized by ARAP, the Roman AstroParticle Association.

  • Adriano Frattale Mascioli
  • Alberto Ressa
  • Aldo Morselli
  • Alessandro Veutro
  • Angela Zegarelli
  • Antonio Capone
  • Claudia Tomei
  • Claudio Gasbarra
  • Claudio Salvadore
  • Cristiano Palomba
  • Daniele Belardinelli
  • Daniele Del Re
  • Daniele Paoloni
  • Daniele Tagliacozzo
  • Elia Stanescu Farilla
  • Eligio Lisi
  • Fabio Bellini
  • Fabio Ferrarotto
  • Federica Giacchino
  • Floriano Mungari
  • Francesca Attadio
  • Fulvio Ricci
  • Gabriele Stirpe
  • Gabriele Turchetti
  • Gianluca Cavoto
  • Giovanni ROSA
  • Giuseppe Salamanna
  • Guido Maria Urciuolli
  • Ilia Musco
  • Irene Di Palma
  • Karolina Kmiec
  • laura salutari
  • Marco Serra
  • Maria Adriana Sabia
  • Mario De Vincenzi
  • Massimiliano Antonini
  • Massimo Mastrodicasa
  • Matteo Cappelli
  • Maurizio Lusignoli
  • Narcis Silviu Blaj
  • Nicola Bortolotti
  • Omar Benhar Noccioli
  • Orlando Castellano
  • Paolo Fermani
  • Paolo Lipari
  • Paolo Salomone
  • Rinaldo Santonico
  • Rita Antonietti
  • Rocco Masullo
  • Sabrina D'Antonio
  • Sebastian Gomez Lopez
  • Silvia Celli
  • Silvia Gagliardini
  • Simone Mastrogiovanni
  • Sofia Basili
  • Stefano Campion
  • Teresa Pernice
  • Tommaso Aniello
  • Valerio Formato
  • Valerio Verzi
    • Session 1
      • 1
        Introduction and welcome
      • 2
        - What did we learn so far about Gravitational Waves and their sources
        Speaker: Fulvio Ricci (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)
      • 3
        - The PeV gamma-ray sky: a new window to the non-thermal Universe
        Speaker: Silvia Celli (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)
      • 4
        - High Energy astrophysical neutrino detection in a multimessenger scenario.
        Speaker: Irene Di Palma (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)
      • 5
        - High Energy photons detection on earth and in space. Results and perspectives
        Speaker: Aldo Morselli (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)
    • 1:00 PM
    • Session 2
    • 3:45 PM
      coffee break
    • Session 3